Welcome to the world of Millimeeter, where we do more than simply apply advertisements to various surfaces. Our team believes that advertising should not only be visible, but also meaningful. We aim to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond creating an advertising space and enhances the core of the message and the brand.

We were born out of the vision of two men to create something greater than just an advertising company. We focus on illuminated signs, decals and special solutions, with our cutting-edge machinery and the best materials just the stage of our creative execution.

We are helpful, flexible and fast, while maintaining a balance between the highest quality and a reasonable price. Our 20 years of experience in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising speaks to our expertise and ability to tackle even the most complex projects.

Our goal is not only to be the best in Estonia, but also to expand our influence further. We want to stay on top of new technologies and regularly invest in the development of our team to provide the best service.

In addition to the high standard for our work, we focus our energy on the community, providing creative means to nurseries and schools and inspiring young talents. That advertising can be an inspirational force in society, not just a commercial one, is part of our beliefs.


Thanks to our professional team, we are able to carry out even the most challenging and complex concepts. We are here for you, from the concept to the finishing touches.

Contact us and we will create an advertising solution based on your needs and purposes.

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